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Empowering customers to reach the desired audience and maximise return for their investment

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AI driven programmatic buying

Buy quality inventory worldwide in real time optimized to your strategy. Across multiple media (desktop, mobile, tablet, smart TV, wearables). Country, city, zip code and hyper-local targeting.



Audience profiling

Get insight of your visitors and target audience. Segment your audience, visualize discover patterns and clusters. Expand your reach using look-alike modeling.



Personalized ads

Personalization of ads based on context, browsing history, device capability, and location. Choice of creative theme based on audience interest.


About Digital East

We are a one-stop shop, programmatic advertising platform.

Intuitive self-service or premium managed campaigns. Successfully reach your target audience with personalized messages across all digital medium.

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Real-Time Bidding

Intelligently-designed, high performance algorithm reaching thousands of ad opportunities every second.

Global reach and quality inventory

Optimized access of inventory across 200+ countries, reaching virtually any site or app of your choice. Connected to all major ad exchanges.

Full Transparency

Both standard and advanced metrics, easy to read and action focused reporting. Learn how your ads are being served. All information available at a glance.

Managed campaigns

Would you prefer to focus on your business? Entrust our expert team manage effectively your campaigns from our platform.


Hit the ground running and get the level of detail you need. Test drive on minimal budget and scale up as needed.


AI driven response prediction for user interaction, purchase intent and creative attention intensity.

Speak locally, reach globally

Market dedicated teams to better assist you reach your targets.

Total Control

Fully understand the cost of inventory. Set the budget of each ad and how it should be spent. Real-time monitoring to re-adjust your campaign on the fly. Make every dollar count.

Defining your target audience

Easily implement your digital marketing strategy with generic across the board parameters or detailed in-depth audience profiling.

Targeting flexibility

Define your audience based on any dimension: history, location, medium, demography, hyperlocal, intent, interest, income, context, OS, device and others.


Machine learning algorithm driven anti-fraud measures ensure higher quality inventory. Fraud detection & prevention, Black-list & white-list management.

Performance and reliability

Guaranteed uptime and immediate response with intelligent distribution of traffic across server resources strategically located in different sites across the globe. Professional 24/7 support.

Supported Formats

Captivate customers with highly engaging ads

Banner & Native

Standard banner for branding & performance. Native ads for app install and content.

Video & VAST-Tags

Multiple video formats, VAST 2.0+ compliant ads and Youtube hosted videos are supported.

Rich Ads & JS-Tags

IAB rising star, Google Web Designer & custom HTML5 format. Support for JS tag on Google.




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